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who wants me to draw their madness character?

11/12/13 by devastator-357-MAG
Updated 11/12/13

send me a request along with a picture of your madness charecter and i will (try) to draw him/her also im working on 2 things now TDSF's collab and my solo project madness devinitation. its more of a short-not so short animation......i dunno how long it will be. LOL


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You may be very busy now so I ask you later

11/13/13 devastator-357-MAG responds:

dude i got almost all day to do this shit i just need a picture of your charecter but i gotta goi ahead an' tell ya i cant work on 2 projects so just give a day or 2 and ill start on your guy c:



Long time no see dude. What's up?

11/12/13 devastator-357-MAG responds:

not much. drawing (alot) and animating.



Draw my character :D

11/12/13 (Updated 11/12/13) devastator-357-MAG responds:

awlright you will be request #1.